Failing to iterate on object in ADAM (Suddenly)

Today I have analyzed the following exception from a developer in my group:

ExtendedError: 1244
ExtendedErrorMessage: 000004DC: LdapErr: DSID-0C09062B, comment: In order to perform this operation a successful bind must be completed on the connection.
ErrorCode: -2147016672
Message: An operations error occurred.
TargetSite: Boolean MoveNext()
Source: System.DirectoryServices
Stack Trace
at  System.DirectoryServices.SearchResultCollection. ResultsEnumerator.MoveNext() 
at MDALWrapper.GetNetworkAddress(Int32 instanceID)

The developer provided the following information:

  • The specific scenario worked before restarting the server
  • The specific scenario works great on his desktop
  • In the code there is a connection to remote ADAM and using SearchResult to query for specific object and fetching specific attribute from it
  • The code create a good connection to ADAM (No exception thrown)

I Googled a little for it but failed to get any real answer that could helped me <WHY AGAIN />

I have started by looking at the event viewer and found several NTP Time event regarding server cannot sync with domain

I continued and saw that the server is indeed not in sync with domain (and I hope you know already this could lead to lots of not working areas in your servers basically because of authentication issues)

I ran the "NET TIME /DOMAIN /SET" command to sync the server with the domain and retested the scenario and IT WORKED :)

Amazingly the root cause was that although the connection to ADAM was successful it was not binded using a real user (seems as if it was using anonymous connection) because the authentication failed as the server was not synced with domain time (token failed).

As always I hope this little post will save few hours to other developers / support engineers

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