Waste of time on stupid exception using ExtJS

I am currently working on a private project that has two targets:

  1. Make money :)
  2. Learn hardcore client centric application design and implementation

I started by doing full application with JQuery by building widgets (user controls) – This takes lots of time and work effectively.

I continued to use ExtJS as a basic framework that contain all the UI I will ever need, currently it looks like a faster development as it is more UI Component friendly.

I built the ExtJS solution like a pro with pre-configured classes so that i can have modularity design and created a master application JS called “RemindMe.HomePage.js” based on my main application object.

I started my application and got “Error: Object doesn't support this property or method” on IE, is started debugging and couldn't really understand where it is coming from so I continued to remove part of my main class so that I will gain some knowledge on the problematic area –> this didn't help.

After more than 30 minutes of wasting of time I found that my main call to the HomePage class was:

var hp = HomePage();

Look again, the issue is that i forgot to add the “new” –> apparently working on 3AM has it down side :(

Hope this will reduce some time for you

Waste of time on stupid exception using ExtJS Waste of time on stupid exception using ExtJS Reviewed by Ran Davidovitz on 12:39 PM Rating: 5

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