in host file doesn't work

Now here is a crazy story, I have an application that connect to and download the pages, I wanted to mock the response by adding and setting up default page on my IIS 7,

Guess what that didn't work! <WTF />i double checked this also in browser and it didn't work

Can anyone explain why this is happening? in host file doesn't work in host file doesn't work Reviewed by Ran Davidovitz on 12:32 PM Rating: 5

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Venkatesh N said...

It may be due to the fact that adwares/malwares/virus may take advantage of the hosts file entry and prevent users from downloading the windows update fix pacs from and also can be made redirected to some evil IP on the internet which hosts bad programs and the windows update program in the system downloads them thinking that it is a genuine windows update fixpacs and executes it which further harms the system and spreads the virus.

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