Windows 2008 R2 virtualized

In my company we are using VMWare ESX 3.5. we started certifying our product on windows 2008 R2 and found numerous problem in our VMWare infrastructure (not in our product):
  • Freeze after restart
  • Slow response!
  • black screen of death :)
The official response that we got from VMWare is R2 is NOT supported! damn.
I decided to install it on my machine using VitualBox (open source VM solution from Sun) and I can tell you that it is working great! again the open source is working better and faster --> we need to stop fearing from open source
By the way i am using MAC OS leopard snow and also windows 7 (both running great)
Windows 2008 R2 virtualized Windows 2008 R2 virtualized Reviewed by Ran Davidovitz on 2:27 PM Rating: 5

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