Virtual PC –> VM Player (VMDK) –> Hyper V(VHD)

Few facts:

  • VM Player support working with Virtual PC files (it convert them automatically to VMDK)
  • Hyper-V doesn't support working with VMDK

The story is that we had few VPCs that ran our build machines on one server with 4 cores, sadly VPC doesn't leverage more than one CPU of the host :(, so we went to VMPlayer which run each VM in it sown process and leverage more than one CPU – all was working almost great for few month.

Now we have Hyper V so we wanted to move those VMs to it, but Hyper V doesn't support out of the box converting of VMDK to VHD

There is a tool called VMDK2VHD that should do the trick but sadly on the converted VMDK (from VPC) it has some difficulties saying corrupted files!

Before you decide to create new system and install everything again i have a suggestion, use DISK2VHD from sysinternals to create a VHD file from within the guest while it running coz its using VSS

I will check it on Sunday (but why shouldn't it work)

Virtual PC –> VM Player (VMDK) –> Hyper V(VHD) Virtual PC –> VM Player (VMDK) –> Hyper V(VHD) Reviewed by Ran Davidovitz on 10:27 PM Rating: 5


David said...

it's working ?

Danny Buck said...

Tested it yesterday and it works fine, end to end. Very straight forward and clean.
Thanks Ran!

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