Heat and special cases

i have been using Heat for quite some time and i can say that all my projects start to look a little weird because i have different files in the target folder that need to be consumed in different ways (some need to be with the registration taken, some EXE need special handling as COM servers which i have special extension).

So the end result was to separate group of files to different folder and heat them as groups (weird) – not natural solution as i would love to stay with the current look and feel of the compiled version

After some time I though of a better solutions (could be some):

  • option A – enable Heat to exclude / include specific files
  • Option B (my favorite) – add new type of files, lets call it WiXManifest (.wxsManifest) that will include addition input for heat per files (file will not be added to the installation) –> allow me to consume entire directory and override the parameters per file / other entity

What do you think , is it good / better solution?

Heat and special cases Heat and special cases Reviewed by Ran Davidovitz on 4:01 PM Rating: 5

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