Who is creating that file question

During our integration tests we saw that there is file called "d.xml" created in one of the folders in our configuration directory, we have lots of processes touching that directory (Read & Write) and also few processes that host multiple plugins (potentially could write that files)
So it was really hard trying to understand who is the bustard
We came up with few quick alternatives on how to find it:
  1. Send mail to all team leaders asking if they know about it (that didn't do any good coz they didn't)
  2. Iterate on all the source code and searching for "d.xml"
  3. before we start the processes, create d.xml as readonly and see which process breaks / look at the logs - we used this approach and got the answer in 1 minute
  4. start reducing processes who run (binary search) - but that will take too much
Any other clever and technical way (that will find the process and the specific plugin if it the one to blame)?

By the way the bustard is me :( (one of my subsystems wrote this debug file dump)
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