Relocation tips

surprise: I am relocating to Atlanta Georgia on 15/Jan/2011 and going to manage the system engineering <Smile />

I am going to use this blog post to share some tips which should help you during the process and save you time

  • Find out who relocate to your target location from your company and stay in touch with him, ask all the questions you can (coz there are lots of small issues that will waste your time)
  • The SSN is most important thing you need to get – without it you cannot be paid! so if you are going to house hunting make sure that you have you L1 Visa ready for that date and that the duration is no less than 10 days (time for I94 to arrive) [I Checked this and you must wait 10 days!!!]
  • Most companies have budget for the entire relocation, so if you are moving with family it is advised to reduce the hotel duration to minimum (coz its too hard to be in small place) and have you rented house be there for you on the first week you arrive. the money that is left out of not using the hotel can be used to rent furniture until your container arrives
  • I personally suggest to scan ALL the documents you have and save them in a folder that is shared online (Try DROPBOX which works nice) than you can download them where ever you are
  • When packing your house, it is advise to split the house into three sections: first priority – “must be shipped” , second priority “Could be shipped” and last priority – “should be distributed to other people”. this is needed because the container is not large enough to hold all your house so you need to prioritize it. and now it’s a good time to lose the garbage (if you didn’t use it for more than 3 months you will not use it ever)
  • [29/Dec/2010] Don't forget to prepare money in advance for all your contracts that are you are canceling (e.g. Phone, Cell Phone, Cable, etc) - it could easily cost above 500$
  • [20/Jan/2011] For SSN meeting – come only AFTER you are 10 days in the USA and come with your & your wife’s passport , translated marriage certificate including the original one, I94 that shows the correct VISA type. Kids are not entitled to get SSN they will only get ITIN. Do not accept to move to USA without having SSN in hand (meaning in your house hunting you must close the SSN issues – reason is that it effect you daily actions, spend money, etc)
  • [20/Jan/2011] When renting a house make sure/demand that you will have refrigerator, Dryer and washing machine – otherwise you will need to pay 500- 2000$ (like US)
  • [20/Jan/2011] If you are going to get company phone, it is advise to request it long before you arrive and preferred to get it in your house hunting (if you have such). Coz coming to USA without a phone is hard
  • [20/Jan/2011] if you are coming from abroad than it is advised to create a local number at your origin that will allow your friend to call you for free in the local area (it should be approx 20$ monthly payment for you for unlimited account including you calling to your origin for unlimited amount of minutes)


Hope this saves some time for you

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