AppStore not in united states

For month I am failing to download or event open AppStore for several apps ( e.g. Microsoft one note for IPAD)
today I found the answer, I was setup to use ITUNES account in Israel and apparently some content is made available per location
If only The AppStore app would give a decent error message other than app not found !!!
AppStore not in united states AppStore not in united states Reviewed by Ran Davidovitz on 3:39 AM Rating: 5


Tsafrir said...

I don't agree (:
as an App developer you have the choice to set the country/ies your app will be available in.. this is a feature, not a bug! (: no reason for an error message. and i not sure if having multiple accounts for different countries is a valid use case.

Ran Davidovitz said...

I am OK with developer choosing their market (...), i am not OK with the application saying nothing to guide you that that was the issue

Jerryco said...

I agree with Ran ,
Msg should be more clear to the end user.
Suggestion is to mention issue to apple customer care , they are very responsive.

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