Things I regret after 2016

2016 was great ! From many reasons BUT there is always place for improvement ...

Looking back there are several things I regret !

  1. Should have insisted on es6 usage - I have no idea why I let es5 stay
  2. Should have added minimal viable persisted doc as DoD - experienced developers learn to appreciate the power of basic documentation as a way to cherish knowledge , we should have invested much more in that 
  3. Should have contributed more code on my own 
  4. Should have not let go of my front end development skills 
  5. Should have not stayed late at work without good valid reason , I guess more than 50% of times I stayed could have been adjusted to continue later from home or even better , optimize my work time and do more in less time 
  6. Do a daily work out ! NO EXCUSE
Few experiments I am going to try 
  1. Review and optimize my time - mainly reduce context switching (remove all notification and time box it in 30 min per day )
  2. Enable my group more in that they don't need me as bottleneck (already being done)
  3. Daily 4K run and 3 times a week of core muscle workout of 1 hour - goal is to achieve personal goal until age of 40!
  4. Remove rust and restart coding on react and react native 
  5. Divide time equally between kids (I have 5)
Hope for much better 2017 ;)
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