VisualVM 1.4 released (not in JDK yet)

Yes I know the image is not related, but I like it.

So not sure if you know, But VisualVM 1.4 was released a week ago and it bring new things:

  • CPU Sampler and Profiler display live call trees, delta results, selected threads, and many other improvements
  • Memory Profiler allows profiling of defined classes, displays delta results
  • Introducing a lightweight JDBC profiler for monitoring SQL commands executed by a Java process
  • Heap Viewer is the new .hprof heap dumps viewer in VisualVM with a lot of improvements over the original HeapWalker
  • Colored classes/methods in Sampler, Profiler and Heap Viewer views based on user-defined filters
  • Full support for running on JDK 9 and monitoring/profiling Java 9 processes
  • Built on NetBeans Platform & profiler 9.0-dev
It also fixes the crappy Perform GC button issue and the ability to download plugins without tweaks! (which almost made me remove 1.3.9).

Go ahead and download it here (or wait for the official packaging in future JDK)
VisualVM 1.4 released (not in JDK yet) VisualVM 1.4 released (not in JDK yet) Reviewed by Ran Davidovitz on 4:13 PM Rating: 5

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