BDD - Not as you think

This post will not talk about "Behavior Driven Design" but actually on a new methodology that I found people use "Break Driven Design" :).

I am now in Vegas at Dev Connections and while eating breakfast I spoke with a person that started developing a month ago (was in marketing :) ), his mentor spoke with him about the application that he need to support for two hours and than moved to another company.

So actually this person doesn't know how to program and doesn't know the application's behavior and design.

The methodology is as follows:

  1. Take a working behavior (could be working page, method, etc)
  2. Make some changes (that will probably break the behavior
  3. Investigate the fault as much as needed until you understand what you broke
  4. Implement some code changes that should fix the behavior
  5. Go to 1

I guess you laugh as I did BUT bare in mind that this methodology is used by people (that are very basic in their knowledge and work in a bad environment) and if you are the team leader or a co- developer than its your job to eliminate this ridiculous behavior.

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