Acid2 test, Current status and IE 8

Acid2 employs certain features of HTML and, more prominently, CSS. The purpose of employing such features is to highlight the problems with browsers that do not display it correctly. The Acid2 test should render correctly on any browser that follows the W3C HTML and CSS 2.0 specifications. Any browser which does not correctly and completely support all of the features which Acid2 uses will not render the page correctly. Because Acid2 tests how web browsers deal with faulty code, the test is intentionally not written to W3C CSS standard specifications. Thus it will fail W3C CSS validation. This is expected and was the intention of its designers.

Current test result for IE 7:

Current test results for FireFox :

Today we got the notification from the IE Blog that IE8 has finally passed the test!, does this mean war between the browsers?
When will we be able to get our hand on some Beta / CTP?

* I will upload a test for FireFox 3 beta soon
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