Object Compare (Compare RPT, .NET, MSI, etc)

Object Compare is an object comparison program targeting Microsoft enterprise services and developer technologies. The software assists with discovering changes to various objects on local and remote computers, providing a common toolset for diagnosing change.

Microsoft developers develop and maintain software using a diverse number of technologies, including .Net Assemblies and COM components, Microsoft SQL Server databases, COM+ Component Services applications, Crystal Reports, Access databases, Windows Installers and more. Object Compare provides a drill down approach for determining differences between these components, profiling changes between live environments on local and remote computers. In addition to live comparisons, Object Compare supports snapshots of components for comparing base line change over time.

Objects Supported

The current release of Object Compare supports comparisons for the following types of components:

  1. .Net Assemblies
  2. COM Components (*.exe, *.dll, *.ocx, *.tlb, *.olb)
  3. COM+ Applications
  4. Crystal Reports versions 8 - XI (*.rpt)
  5. OLEDB/ODBC Compliant Database Schemas (Oracle, MySql, Access etc)
  6. Windows Installer Databases (*.msi)
  7. Windows Registry
  8. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005
  9. Windows Folders and Files.

I think that the biggest milestone is the option to compare RPT files!, I have been waiting for this kind of method for too longs time (and I must admit that I started developing this kind of behavior which currently is useless)

Download a 7 day trial version and if you are using an older version of Crystal Reports than you need to download update

Object Compare (Compare RPT, .NET, MSI, etc) Object Compare (Compare RPT, .NET, MSI, etc) Reviewed by Ran Davidovitz on 10:48 AM Rating: 5


Erick Jhonson said...

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Bob Leviton said...

Couldn't get the trial to run at all on my Windows 7 machine. I'm sure my .Net framework is up to date.

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