Tips when working with web designers

I have few suggestions for you to focus more on your next work with web designer that should save you time and money (based on my experience)

  • you should decide if you want static min width or fluid (stretches) – this will change the web designer entire work. choosing fluid is harder and requires more time
  • Make sure that all the mockups work and move from one page to the other, this will ensure you really see the flow of movement in the site and you can use this mockup to show your investors something realistic quickly
  • Use latest JQuery – sometimes the web designers use old version that will cause you more work later
  • For forms make sure you also show the validation errors – this is crucial because playing later with the validation styles by your self will take you time or money if you will outsource it again
  • Use HTML5 – there is NO reason not to use (use the relevant shim for old browsers)
  • I really think your site should start with some standard template like boilerplate
  • It is your responsibility to test the site on all browsers! (personally I think you should NOT support IE6 Smile)
  • Don’t forget the sample you got from web designer got static text with static width, you should make sure you test the design using larger text
  • to support localization, your design should support RTL also (by using relevant classes without any tweaks from your side), although it doesn’t look important at start , not doing it now will cause you to pay more later

Hope this works for you

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الذهب said...

haha thanks for this tips, made me smile a little but also good ones!

seoinheritx said...

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Maurice Pineda said...

It is nice that you are sharing this very informative post regarding tips when working with web designers . Thank you so much and I really appreciate it.

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