Facebook - getting user's friends - mission impossible

Assuming you application would like to get all the user's friends, so that you can send them message with a nice selection - you probably used FB.API('/user/friends') to get list of all friends

Above solution is great and will work ONLY for V1.0 of facebook, If you are using V2.0 and above the behavior was changed, and now it will return ONLY friends who logged into the application!

So you might be saying, no worries I will just continue using V1.0 API - Sorry the following constrains and terms applies:

  1. Application who were created after April/2014 MUST use v2.0+
  2. V1.0 API is deprecated and will be removed on April/2015 (so Enjoy your last few months)
Facebook is offering , invitable_friends API but this is ONLY allowed for application that are marked as GAME and include CANVAS (e.g. run under Facebook).
If you think of marking your app as Facebook and than in the website put script that will change location and kill the IFRAME - Don't, since this is yet another violation of term!

You can use taggable_friends API but you can only get names and pictures - and can ONLY TAG the friends and not do anything else with their ID, Additionally to be able to use this edge - FaceBook must review and approve your app :(

So as it seems you are stuck with share/write on user feed only!
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