Learning organization - lesson learned is not a bad words

Mistakes happen, embrace them and don't repeat them (unless truly surprised).

During my years in the high-tech, it was obvious for me that key driver for getting better is to learn from mistakes

While working in Atlanta and building the system engineering group, one of the pillars of work was to do things once and do it good - even when it means doing slower.

Over the course of time, we proved to the organization that although we were "slower" in the weekly execution in about 30%, majority of the issue we faced didn't arrive to us again since we invested time in knowledge delivery and proper RCA +  the knowledge on the system allowed us to take more areas of ownership

A good lesson learning session relies on few basic questions

  1. Symptom - what is the concern  raised / clear problem description?
  2. Root cause - Why did it happen and clear sentence of what is the actual problem?
  3. Resolution 
    1. In case a temporary work around was done than list it (pay attention this is NOT a permanent solution) 
    2. What will be done to prevent it from happening again?
  4. appendix - while above is laser focused and short & easy to read , this section is used to elaborate much more, put diagrams or link to other persisted material  
Additional area to focus on when reviewing
  1. How much time did it take us to understand we have a problem
  2. How much time did it take us to resolve it
  3. Do we have monitoring tools that can aid us to get insights before other tell us
  4. Did we utilize the people as required
  5. Was the urgency understood by all parties
A good lesson learn session is a document you can read, all the AI are being fulfilled and is being referenced by other.

Hope this can help you while you transform your style of work, learning is a daily activity.

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